hewwo i am howdy da horsey and i a baby horse dat moof from new york to mitsigan to be wif my fren. and den i met lotsa baby frens here. i hang out wif babyfrens browny and buzzy and totoro and barry an altso patwik star. blooie is in da window here.

my favrit ting about my day is when i get tuckd in wif my fwens! den we have nice naps. i don no yet wat my favrit food is but maybe it is a dandelion. dat make liony say haha not me! and i say no, it is a lil flower dat is berry delishus! i eat some letus, too, an i like dat a lot. i also like karot like my lil fren his name is fwankln d turtl.

tank u for haffen me.

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