hi, this is franklin and i’m a turtl. i talk to angelo but when i say it sounds like angewo.

franklin: “‘angewo do you like it when it makes snows outside?”

angelo: “ya it feel like birfday everyday when i see stnow! it is pwetty and make frens with the twee brantses. i jump i jump when i see snow falling from da SKYYYY!”

franklin: “i like the answers! does snow make you a cold babyfren?”

angelo: “yes i is a cold babyfren but i like cold so it is otay! and i also like warm snugl.”

franklin: “that is a hapi and I like warm snuglz too. one more question, when snow happens do you get bigger?”

angelo: “i get so bigger because i am a snow babyfren but i can stay smol to play wif my indoor babyfrens.”

franklin: “this is best answer and is hapi to have angewo babyfren.”

angelo: “i luf you franklin tank you for making times to talk to me!”

franklin: “i luv and Angelo and all the babyfrens!”